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Purpose, culture, brand & impact

The alignment that delivers sustainable results.

Who you are and what you want to be known for.


Purpose is the change you want to bring to the world. It’s the reason your organisation exists, and it offers clear, continual direction for what you do and how you do it.

The companies that are emerging as leaders in the new economy are truly redesigning every aspect of their business around purpose.

Aaron HurstAuthor of “The Purpose Economy”


Culture is the collective patterns, passions, beliefs and behaviours that guides your interactions, prioritises the things you value, influences the way you operate, and drives your business.

Your purpose will define the culture of your organisation; your culture will determine how successful you are at delivering on your purpose.


If culture is how your organisation works, brand is how it shows up. Brand is your company’s reputation, the feel of every interaction, the lasting impression of all your messaging, marketing and communication.

When company leaders and staff work through the alignment process and embrace the direction, every touchpoint, creative development exercise and marketing activity that follows will prove to be powerful, compelling and true.

The best-loved companies – those with the most loyal customers and employees – have in common an authentic foundation of values, messages and strategies that drive their internal culture as well as their external brand.

When culture and brand are inextricably linked.

When values are truly lived within an organisation it leads to greater differentiation from competitors and deeper customer and employee loyalty.


When values are truly lived within an organisation it leads to greater differentiation from the market and deeper customer and employee loyalty.

All businesses have an impact on the world. The critical issue is whether the delivery of services or products has a positive or negative impact. Your purpose, and your consequent impact, is what sets you apart. Defining your purpose, optimising the culture of the organisation, and articulating your commitments are game-changing activities for every business.

72% of the UK public think business should have a legal responsibility to the planet and people, alongside maximising profit.

B Lab UK & ReGenerate

This is the change we need: to shift our economy away from ‘infinite growth’. The purposeful business with a conscious culture and an impeccable brand is truly successful, truly sustainable, and a powerful agent of change.

Working through the essential, cumulative steps of our proven methodology, we help our clients embed purpose deep into their company culture, ways of working, and brand so that they attract and retain the right customers, partners, funders and employees, develop messaging that is focused, strategic, distinct and effective, and build a thriving business by delivering value whilst making a positive impact.

The impact of doing this work

  • More fulfillment, more success and more meaning from business and life
  • A motivated and energised team that drives the business forward with clarity
  • Customers and partners who want to do business with your brand and help you tell your story
  • A relevant, compelling, believable, inspiring and unifying idea that appeals to stakeholders and partners who can help you scale
  • Successful marketing efforts that are lean, effective, powerful and principled
  • The ability to implement change initiatives and strategic growth with measurable ROI