Marketing that connects your purpose
with your people
so you become the brand of choice

Clarify your

Attract your perfect customers & partners

Grow your
business & impact

80% of companies outperform the market when they are clearly linked to a purpose.

Insights 2020, Kantar Millward Brown

WITHOUT a clear purpose…

  • Your brand lacks any meaningful point of difference
  • Your marketing misses the emotional mark
  • Your brand lacks substance and starts to erode
  • Your people get pulled in different directions
  • You messaging varies and never feels true
  • You struggle to grow and realise the impact you want to make

Purposeful marketing reflects who you are and what you want to be known for.
Purposeful marketing fuels your profit, growth and impact.

We are in more need than ever of businesses and organisations that bring positive change on a sustainable basis.

The challenge is in getting their message out, in a way that aligns with their values, and gets consistent attention that translates into leads and sales.

I help progressive leaders with a strong mission become the brand of choice. By finding, clarifying and communicating their purpose, they attract their perfect customers and partners through shared values.

Getting this right creates both financial and social impact – it allows your brand to do well by doing good.

WITH a clear purpose…

  • You become the brand of choice
  • You attract customers, partners and talent through shared values
  • Your marketing is focused and aligned and delivers better results
  • Your team is on-board and moves business forward
  • Your values and stories unite and inspire
  • Your business grows and you make a bigger impact

People wouldn’t care if 77% of the brands they use disappeared.

Meaningful Brands, Havas

Here’s what working together looks like


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Grow your business with compelling and consistent marketing that helps you make a powerful impact in the world.

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  • "…gets to grips with the deeper ambitions of your business and makes sure your marketing investment has a lasting – not just superficial – impact."

    Annabelle Beckwith Yara Journeys
  • "…genuine passion for ensuring our marketing underpinned our business objectives for growth."

    Graeme Haddow Robert Mackie of Scotland
  • "…combines great knowledge and experience with a passion for her work and a clear focus on results."

    Ken MacKay Axis Solutions
  • "…gets to the heart of your business strategy, aspirations and direction."

    Annabelle Beckwith Yara Journeys
  • "…can work between silos to help pull together the bigger picture to drive results."

    Craig McGill Contently Managed
  • "…instrumental in the strategic marketing of our business."

    Graeme Haddow Robert Mackie of Scotland
  • "…clearly defines your brand and your strategic marketing approach, and then implements innovative approaches and tactics that make a difference to your bottom line."

    Annabelle Beckwith Yara Journeys
  • "…incredibly energetic, highly motivated and would provide real value to any ambitious business."

    Emma Carberry Robert Mackie of Scotland

From purpose to impact
A clear purpose helps to energise and engage your team. Compelling marketing starts with getting everyone onboard with what the company stands for.

Why I do what I do
I believe in doing Business for Good. By helping you make a bigger impact, I also get to make a positive impact in the world through my partnership with B1G1.

How I do what I do
I ensure my clients are known for who they are and what they stand for; I help you capture the hearts and minds of your employees and customers.