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Case study

Keep Credit Union

This established credit union saw membership flatten and knew its scatter-gun approach to marketing wasn’t working.

Kirsty offers us very welcome fresh insight and a much needed external point of view, at the same time remaining conscious of our ethos and original reason for being. Kirsty has enabled us to design a clear marketing strategy; a solid, fully considered plan that we now look forward to following with confidence, guided by Kirsty’s expert oversight. I would not hesitate to recommend Kirsty’s expert consultancy to others. In a comparatively short space of time Kirsty has become highly regarded as a valued and trusted colleague.

Nick Laws, Chief Executive Officer


Value Credit Union was a stable, reliable and financially sound business but for a number of years lacked clear direction – particularly within marketing and promotion. Growth became stagnant and efforts to gain new impetus, including employing a marketing officer, failed to deliver any significant results.


We shifted Value Credit Union’s focus from marketing to purpose, teasing out their origin stories and member successes. There was a gold mine of values, beliefs and benefits that weren’t being talked about. We encouraged a name-change which reinforced the idea of strength. With a new name, visual identity and branding, we launched Keep Credit Union on the strength of its purpose.


The credit union board of directors embraced the process and all recommendations and now has a new name, brand and plan that brings it into the modern era to serve its members and partners better.