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Case study

Construction Waste Portal

Deeply committed app developers realise the true power of their software and their service.

It’s quite humbling to have a process open you up like a book and absolutely nail what your core values are. By committing to the process so deeply, the value that has been gained has been much more than a B2B engagement. While I still have lots to do, the pathway is well lit and the purpose is defined. I can’t wait to get going with the new energy and confidence this process has instilled. I can’t thank you enough for taking me through this awakening.

John Logan, Founder


The software development team at Mudataco devised a way to crowdsource waste data across construction projects throughout the UK. With no shortage of features, the Construction Waste Portal was set to revolutionise project-waste projections, targets, management and reduction. The issue was telling a story bigger than the How and What of data analysis.


The process of clarifying Mudataco’s purpose allowed the team to develop and embrace clearer messaging, which in turn will serve to inspire them and expand the network of data contributors and subscribers.


The team behind Construction Waste Portal gained the insight and energy to promote their software service, and recruit industry leaders to stand behind it. Ultimately, increased use of the portal will encourage and facilitate an industry shift towards a more circular economy.