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Finding and working from purpose, for maximum impact

Profit and growth fueled by meaning and purpose

I ensure my clients are known for who they are and what they stand for; I help them capture the hearts and minds of their employees and customers.

We know that purpose drives profit and business success; being clear on your purpose ensures:

  • Clear positioning as a trusted, principled brand and business
  • Compelling, differentiated, consistent and focused marketing delivering better results and returns
  • Attracting and retaining customers, funders and partners through shared values
  • Motivated, engaged and energised employees doing meaningful work
  • Knowing you’re spending valuable resources, time, energy and effort on the RIGHT activities, seeing real results

Adapted from M3, Econsultancy

4 steps to purposeful marketing

Purposeful marketing starts with understanding your business ambition. It provides a joined-up approach from aligning your culture, customer and market insights, building your brand story through to offering exceptional customer experience and using carefully selected marketing tactics. The whole approach is integrated, measurable and tailor-made for every client.

Step 1: Understand your AMBITION

Good marketing starts with understanding the level of your ambition and the impact you want to make. That’s why I start with a deep dive into both your purpose (your reason for being) and your business strategy. The first step is always to get under the skin of your business – to properly understand you, your business and what you want to achieve.

Adapted from M3, Econsultancy

Step 2: EXPLORE your business offer from the inside-out and the outside-in

We then explore your organisational culture. Is it aligned with your ambition and customers’ experiences? A clearly articulated purpose for you and your employees to buy into, which reflects your culture, can win hearts and minds attracting your perfect customers and partners.

This needs to be underpinned by market knowledge and customer insights – who are they and what are their needs and expectations? How can you improve every step of your customers’ journey with you?

Adapted from M3, Econsultancy

Step 3: Create your BRAND story

With the direction set, it’s time to focus on branding. I’ll help you think about your products or services and develop a proposition and messaging that is compelling and distinctive. A proposition that connects and engages with your customers. The journey then flows naturally on into developing a visual brand – one that is firmly rooted in your business objectives, helping you to deliver your ambition and impact.


Adapted from M3, Econsultancy

Step 4: Engage and measure IMPACT

Purpose, strategy, culture, market knowledge and branding provide the groundwork for your marketing activities. This is where we select the channels that will connect you with your customers. This is when we figure out the type of content that your customers will be interested in and how to actively get your messages in front of the right people.

We will turn your marketing plan into actual connections with your customers, efficiently and effectively scaling your impact.

Adapted from M3, Econsultancy

“…clearly defines your brand and your strategic marketing approach, and then implements innovative approaches and tactics that make a difference to your bottom line.”

Annabelle Beckwith, Yara Journeys

My services

Grow with purpose for greater impact

Who are you and what do you want to be known for?

There’s no more important or differentiating foundation for an organisation than a clear expression of why they exist; the unique ethos and behaviours that characterise the way they operate; the ultimate impact they have on their customers, partners and society. Instead of the Mission, Vision and Value statements from the 60s that seem bland and uninspiring today, your Purpose-Way-Impact statements are rooted in the modern language and sensibilities of the modern workforce.

Powerful and jargon free, Purpose-Way-Impact statements:

  • align culture with strategy
  • improve competitive differentiation
  • enhance recruiting and retention
  • accelerate change efforts
  • leadership development

This half-day working session employs a series of short individual and group exercises to uncover and articulate your organisation’s Purpose-Way-Impact statements and determine next step recommendations.

Start with culture – insight and clarity with Archetypes

Culture is the strongest driver of leadership, employee motivation and behavior, everyday expectations and performance. But an organisation’s ‘unwritten rules of engagement’ can be elusive and difficult to define. CultureTalk provides a tool for measuring it and a framework for talking about it. What can be measured, can be molded.

We will integrate your CultureTalk Archetype Assessment insights into strategic action plans to help you:

  • build a brand that reflects your culture
  • recruit, engage and retain talent
  • restructure, shift, innovate and succeed through change
  • strengthen team performance
  • facilitate mergers and acquisitions

Survey your entire team, comparing values and beliefs across locations, departments, tenure and more.

I will conduct in-depth interviews to validate findings, a workshop to adopt culture profile, as well as your full CultureTalk report.

Strategic marketing gap analysis and planning for purpose-centred businesses

Translate your purpose and development objectives into a high level marketing plan and key priorities. I look at your current marketing activity, what’s working, what needs to be improved as well as any gaps to be addressed. I delve into market, key audiences, segmentation and messaging to build long-term engagement with customers, employees and partners. By connecting business with purpose, I empower you to create greater impact through compelling, differentiated, consistent and focused marketing that delivers better results and returns.

Your purposeful marketing analysis addresses:

  • how purposeful marketing will deliver on business strategy
  • cultural alignment and buy in
  • your perfect customers, their needs and expectations
  • market segment priorities
  • unique value / points of differentiation
  • key messaging and positioning
  • the customer journey and how to support it with content
  • where to reach your customers
  • measures and ways to optimise performance

This short, high-level project produces a marketing framework for activity, an outline marketing strategy and next step recommendations.

What’s your brand story?

Develop the foundation for your purpose-centred brand. Get crystal clarity on who you are, what you stand for, your organisation’s shared values and beliefs, whom you attract and how you behave with them.

Using the power of archetypes:

  • Explore values and motivations
  • Capture perspectives and stories never heard before
  • Reflect your beliefs and those of your employees
  • Secure ownership and a shared sense of purpose for business development and marketing

With this insight, we can articulate what makes you different and, more importantly, what difference you make. We craft the language that positions you as the obvious choice with your perfect customers. We uncover whom you need to speak to and collaborate with to make a bigger impact.

“On purpose” ongoing support

If you feel the lack of in-house marketing expertise, or want to enhance and mentor the junior resources you have in place, I offer flexible, part-time, senior level marketing support. I bring strategic direction and guidance to ensure that marketing activities are aligned and ‘on purpose’.

This flexible option provides a cost-effective solution for many businesses who do not wish to employ a full time, senior marketing resource.

My focus is simple: to help you and your brand drive profit through purpose.

Outstanding results start with one conversation. Book a call to learn more about how to
grow with purpose, on purpose.

“…instrumental in the strategic marketing of our business…genuine passion for ensuring our marketing underpinned our business objectives for growth.”

Graeme Haddow, Robert Mackie of Scotland