As a marketing consultant from Ayrshire, Scotland I’m constantly surprised by how location affects different businesses. Is it a limiting factor or an asset? Does it really matter where your business is based? How can you make the most of your business location?

Intelligent marketing crosses boundaries

As a marketing strategist what I offer businesses is not really place specific at all. I can travel to meet my clients and we can stay in touch by phone and email. My home and office are in Ayrshire but many of my clients are in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. I’ve also worked with people throughout the UK. Modern technology makes light of the distance. In theory there are no boundaries.

For my business, my marketing skills and experience are much more relevant than the place where I work. Current trends in marketing – particularly digital marketing – are global. There are variations in marketing practice between the UK, the USA and other major players, but nonetheless trends such as engagement marketing are world-wide phenomena.

Location specific marketing

But place still matters. I find that people often want to do business with other local people. For me this means that I have lots of clients in Ayrshire and the wider Glasgow area who are interested in marketing strategy and support from a local marketing consultant. There are easy travel connections and less travel expenses. There’s an understanding of the local culture and there’s the local knowledge. Because I advise local businesses about marketing I can give them an insight into the local economy.

Digital localisation

Localisation can be about taking your business offer to a totally new market and addressing issues such as translation, or it can be about focusing on a very local area of your own country, because that’s where your audience is. Google, Facebook and Twitter have great tools to help you target your local audience efficiently and effectively through paid search. These tools can help you engage a local audience, but are still totally dependent on understanding what that audience is actually interested in. Analysis is ever more important along with sound marketing principles.

Making the most of places

I have a background in place marketing. I’ve worked with Scottish Enterprise, Clyde Waterfront and Irvine Bay to promote particular areas of Scotland as places to live, work and do business. I’ve also worked with housing associations who are often directly engaged in improving and promoting the areas where they work.

So, I believe in making the most of places, whether those places are on my doorstep or not. Understanding the location is one of those global trends that marketers are tapping into all across the globe, so whether you are doing your marketing in Ayrshire, Glasgow or Timbuktoo, I can help you make the most of the place as part of your marketing strategy.

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