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From Shetland to conscious culture

One year ago today Paddy and I were married on the magical Shetland Islands, changing our perspective on how life could be.


What started as a quiet ceremony with just the two of us and two random witnesses from the council office has changed our lives, beyond nuptials.

The magic of Shetland

Those two weeks we spent immersed in the stark beauty of Shetland opened our eyes to the possibility of living differently. The simplicity and slower pace showed us there could be more to life than we'd bargained for.

The magic of that place has stayed with us since, guiding the choices we've made this past year. It changed our perspective on how life could be – very different than we imagined.

Conscious choices

I've made deliberate decisions this past year to work less (and earn less), stepping away from the traditional markers of business 'success'. I’ve struck off my Limited company and gone back to being self-employed to give me more flexibility. I’ve de-registered from the VAT scheme. Who was I trying to impress with the facade of a £85K+ turnover? No one whose opinion I value.

I've let go of my Chartered Marketer and Fellow status (of the Chartered Institute of Marketing) after more than 30 years. I feel liberated to have smashed out of the confines of the marketing box – a field I’ve not felt related to for quite some time.

Reconnecting with Purpose

These changes have allowed me to fully align with my true purpose – helping brave leaders shape conscious cultures and amplify their social and environmental impact.

I used to say I had to quit marketing to start again. Now I can finally say I've quit marketing for good.

To support others on this journey…

To support you on the journey to conscious business, I've developed three core services:

Leadership alignment: Re-focus and unite your team

This immersive process helps re-focus and unite your team to work better together. We measure, value, and build upon your collective strengths to galvanise your leadership around a shared vision. You'll gain the alignment, efficiency and motivation to move forward.

Purpose (re)discovery: Define your vision to drive change

We'll define exactly what you want your organisation to be known for and the positive impact you'll have in the world. Through a collaborative process, we'll create a roadmap to unite your team around a shared purpose, direction and approach towards a better future. This establishes a solid foundation for your brand and messaging.

Culture shaping: Uncover strengths to unite your team

Uncovering the motivations and values within your organisation ensures true alignment around your purpose. My process fosters understanding and effective communication that resonates across your team. We identify what makes your culture unique to position you as an employer and brand of choice.

My immersive discovery process gets to the heart of what makes you special. Expect big picture strategy with small, actionable steps forward. You'll gain the clarity and courage needed to lead change.

The future needs us

These times call for courage, conviction and conscious action from business leaders. If you feel the urgency to evolve your business into a force for good, let's talk.

I want to hear your dreams for a better tomorrow, and help make them real.

The future needs us. Let's get to work.

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